Laboratory and Blood Bank Services



Clinical Microbiology Laboratory play critical roles in the hospital infection control as a member of infection control team (ICT). They are the first in a hospital to identify outbreak of MRSA in NICU and molecular epidemiological analysis of the isolates lead proper intervention of ICT to the concerned ward.From a viewpoint of infectious disease specialist,rapid and precise microbiological information is essential for the appropriate dignosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

  • 24 Hrs Blood Bank
  • Whole blood and components (platelets,FFT,Cryoprecipitate)
  • Blood Bag Screening with High End Chemiluminiscence Immunoassay Technology
  • Apharesis (Single donor Platelets, Plasmapharesis)
  • Blood Irradiator to minimize transfusion reactions in Post Transplant Patients.
  • 3D & 4D Ultrsound
  • 24 Hrs Laboratory Services
  • Full time Consultants For Pathology,Microbiology & Biochemistry
  • Fully automated Biochemistry & Immunoassay Analyzers
  • 5 Part Cell Counter & Reticulocyte Count
  • Automated Blood Culture System
  • Services on Cytology,Histopathology,Cytochemistry & Immunohistochemistry

Head of Department and Staff

Dr. N. Mahadeva Sastry

Consultant Pathologist & Laboratory Director


DR. M. Roopalatha

Consultant Quality Head – Laboratory Services


Dr. Vandana Shankar

Consultant Microbiologist