Preventive Health Check

Preventive Health Check Packages at Pinnacle Hospitals have been developed to provide a complete objective evaluation of your current health status that diagnoses most of the common health problems profoundly in a day using laboratory tests, Physical examinations,Radiology Tests and Doctor’s consultations.

With the help of out professional doctors, state of the art medical equipment and specially adopted health check packages it is possible to diagnose diseases in their early stages and to start treatment right away if necessary – therefore reduce morbidity, mortality and increase your working ability.

Pinnacle Hospitals has created several Health Check up programs taking in consideration your age, sex and common lifestyle diseases. Following are the Health Check Packages offered by Pinnacle Hospitals:-

  • MASTER HEALTH CHECKUP PACKAGE ( FOR MEN/ WOMEN) – A complete health check package that measures all vital indicators to know our overall health condition.
  • PINNACLE WELLNESS CHECKUP ( FOR MEN/ WOMEN) – A basic health check package that covers the most important indicators of health.
  • SENIOR CITIZEN PACKAGE ( for men /women) – A health package that takes into consideration all health indicators for elderly

Why Do I need Prevent Health Checkup?
In today’s stressful and sedentary lifestyle, everyone has a chance of developing heart diseases. Type 2 Diabetes or other lifestyle disease.preventive health checkups at Pinnacle Hospitals will help you to identify your risk earlier.

  • You will be able to lower your risk and improve chances of a healthier life.
  • Health checks are an indicator for you to make changes in your daily life exercise.Diet or as simple as a better posture will help you prevent any health issues before they become a higher risk.
  • If You are at higher risk,you will be able to tackle the issues with medical intervention rather than  face a sudden health emergency.
  • Save Tax under section 80D on preventive health checkups.The aggregate amount you can claim as deduction in a year is Rs.5000.

Ideally Health checkups should be done once a year from the age of 30.Those who are already suffering from a medical condition, are advised to get per their treating physicians advise.

  • For Blood Glucose and lipid profile checks you are required to be on empty stomach 8 hours prior to the checkup.
  • You can have water and continue regular medication as prescribed by your treating physician.
  • Do Not have tea, coffee or other beverages before the test.
  • Please wear comfortable footwear and clothing (loose clothing is recommended).
  • For an ultrasound scan,your bladder has to be full.
  • For TMT test you should not take beta blockers group of medicines as it will reduce your heart rate. it is advised you check with your blood pressure before this test.
  • The TMT test for males requires shaving of excess hair from the chest to facilitate the test.
  • Please bring your medication list and previous medical records.
  • Always inform the nurse / pre if you have any allergies or reactions to medicines.