Pinnacle is known for the latest high fidelity & high resolution imaging modalities in the Radiology Department. Strength of this Department is the digital streaming of images across all patient care areas of the hospital through a versatile digital image archiving and retrieval platform. Clinicians at one click have access to all images in chronological order. The system allows for a cross platform portability of the image in a secure manner and this greatly reduces turnaround time in reporting and responding to radiological findings

•    MRI [Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1.5 Tesla]

[With In-bore ambience increasing patient comfort and reducing claustrophobia]

•    Ultrasound (Affinity 70 & Affinity 50)

[With Software for 3D US TIFFA Scan | Infertility Scan Liver and Breast Elastography]

•    Computerized Tomography (128 Slice MD CT)

•    16 Slice Pet CT

•    Digital X Ray

Head of Department and Staff


Consultant Radiologist